Terms & Conditions

Many thanks for your trust and choosing us to Mashhad suites, rental rules and a reservation request Suite to transparency and prevent any misuse pleased to report jobber.

۱٫ General Rules

  • Please note that all activities of the site within the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • All hotel apartments and suites Mashhad contract Suites authorized centers and tourist organizations are official licensed activity.
  • Centers for any reason lose their operating license and the cooperation with them will be cut immediately removed from the site.
  • Mashhad Suites engage only with clients who are citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran and if they are a citizen of another country and have a valid visa are allowed.

۲٫ The rules and requirements Reserve Suite

If you would like to reserve hotel suites or suites by Mashhad Please observe the following.

  • Note that the current prices are Last floor price and at times of the year like the days of religious events and hotel suites is high demand for Qytha may increase.
  • For the exact price suites you communicate with us via the contact page.
  • When Rzrvr your arrival and departure date to specify the accurate and complete. In case of wrong declaration of Mashhad history suites and hotel apartments parties will not take responsibility.
  • Valid identification is required to receive Suite.
  • Ladies and gentlemen of the service who do not have family relationship and unable Khyshavndy.
  • In case of cancellation of the lease suites your application to us as soon as possible to be replaced by new people.


۳٫ See rules and requirements and the use of Suite

  • Some suites may include restrictions on the hours of entry and exit rules and things like that should be mentioned in respect to them.
  • Upon completion of the rental period must Suites Suite to deliver.
  • Any potential damage to the suite or hotel for accommodation should be compensated by the customer.